How To Take Your Business Online

How To Take Your Business Online

03-Jun-2020 04:40 PM
Still don’t have your business online? Don’t worry. Get to know the basics of how to continue business activities and avoid business disruptions due to impact of Corona virus and Lockdowns

Corona virus and Lockdowns have impacted most of the businesses globally. Organizations have to rethink and redefine way to run their business even in such hard times and unavoidable circumstances. Old traditional ways of carrying out your business will no longer be sufficient enough and getting your business online will not just be a norm but will become very necessary for survival of your business in this changing and difficult times.

If your business still doesn’t have an online presence and an online working platform to carry on your routine tasks, it is high time to start thinking about it and take the very first step in this direction. We are fortunate that we are already living in an Internet connected world and there are already a lot of technologies and softwares which can take care of most of your routine business processes. Even if you don’t know anything about how to take your business online, there are IT consultants whom you can hire on contractual basis to get the job done.

Some of the most important steps and most commonly used software solutions that can be used for any business in order to take it online are listed below.

1.       Business Website A dedicated business website is the first and foremost thing that your business should have while aiming to take your business online. If you have a business of selling products directly to customers then you can also have your own Ecommerce Store developed along with your business website.
2.       Online Marketing Marketing strategy should be focused to use various online mediums such as Emails, Mobile SMS, PPC Ads and Social Media. If budget is not a constraint for your business advertising then you can even hire a Digital Marketing agency or consultant who will take care of your online marketing.
3.       Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management or CRM in short is a software that contains all important information about your leads/customers, orders and payments. Zoho and Zendesk are famous Cloud based CRM softwares that are used by many businesses. If you have a very custom requirement for your business CRM then you can also get you CRM developed from a Software Development agency
4.       Customer Support – Customer Support software can be used to take care of your customer care activities. You can also use a simple chat Plug-in like Pure Chat by integrating it in your website through which customers can easily talk with your customer support team and give their feedback, resolve queries or send complaints.
5.       Remote Work Setup – All the above points are related with the software solutions that you can plan to have for your online business but softwares run on hardware machines and it is highly recommended that the hardware systems (desktops, laptops, servers, routers, etc.) and their arrangements or configurations are made in such a way that it is possible to work online not just from your office premises but also from a remote location.

6.       Work From Home Facility – I am sure that in recent times you must also have heard the term “Work From Home , which is a facility given by a Firm wherein an Employee can carry their routine professional tasks from their home. Having a Work From Home (WFH) facility for your employees not only helps in making sure that your employees continue to work and your business goes on but it also has some other benefits for your business.  WFH provides a flexible working environment, time is not wasted while commuting to & fro home to office and if you can have some permanent WFH working employees then it can also save the rent/cost of your office space.
Depending upon your business requirements you can choose a combination of any or all of the above points to take your business online and make sure that you have business continuity platform and plan for tough times. The above listed points are mentioned in general for any common business. If your business requirements and processes are very different and complex then you can approach a seasoned IT Consultant who will be the right person to tell you on what best actions you can take to take your business online and keep going.

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