Bulk SMS Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to help you understand "How to use the Bulk SMS Gateway" to send bulk messages. Just follow the Steps mentioned below and follow the instructions described in the Screen Shots and you will be able to Send your message.

If you still have any query, you can always reach us and we will try to resolve it in our best efforts as soon as possible.

STEP 1: Log into the SMS Gateway (http://sms.vistarit.biz)

Open the SMS Gateway link (http://sms.vistarit.biz) and click on the "Log In" link. Refer the Screen Shot to understand better.

SMS Gateway Login Link
STEP 2: Enter Username and Password to log in

Enter the Username and Password that has been provided to you in the User Login box highlighted in the Screen Shot and then press the "Login" button. Refer the Screen Shot to understand better.

Login Into SMS Gateway
STEP 3: Go to menu and click on “Push SMS” link

The below is the screen that will be displayed after you have sucessfully logged into the SMS Gateway. No click on the "Push SMS" tab in the menu to open the SMS sending panel. Refer the Screen Shot to understand better.

Click on "Push SMSM" Link
STEP 4: To send Bulk messages, fill the form as described in below screen shot

Now fill up the form as per the instructions mentioned within the Yellow box in the screen shot. Now just press on the button "Send Instant SMS" to send your message. Refer the Screen Shot to understand better.

Fill the Form and Press the Button to Send SMS
Thats it. Congratulations!

You have completed the tutorial and now learned the steps to send the bulk sms. Easy! Isn't It!

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