Privacy Policy
We request all the visitors and users of our website to go through this policy to understand how their personal information will be treated as they use various features of our website.

The visitors are requested to note that this policy is applicable to the market-place operated by our site only and not for any link which is provided to re-direct the visitor to any other application outside Esterisk.

Following is an explanation of our commitment to protecting the privacy of Internet Users of our application.

This privacy policy applies to all the publicly accessible pages on Responsibility for the privacy policies or practices of third party sites, linked to is beyond its control and we do not guarantee of any damage whatsoever for that.
Information Collection
In accordance with the Guidelines, the website collects and uses the following information:

1. System Information
2. Personal Information
System Information
For each visit to, the following information is recorded:

IP address of the computer system from which the site is visited
Date and time of the visit

The above information collected is helpful to produce reports in order to identify patterns of our website usage. It's helpful in understanding the requirements of our visitors in general and users in particular and thus we can improve the quality of our application by making more user-friendly and enhanced features.
Personal Information
When you become a registered user of our website you are asked to provide the following information, which are mandatory:

Mobile Number
Email Address

This information is used to identify those who have registered with This information is recorded to maintain personal information of the registered users during their navigation course, each time when they Log in. It is also used to provide a more personalized experience to the registered users when compared to the visitors. Besides above mentioned information, the registered users may also post their other personal information while filling their profiles. All the above information mentioned is not used for any purpose other than for Users are reequested to provide only genuine information and are also advised to keep them updated. The information collected is never ever passed to any third party or company and the information is strictly kept confidential. will not disclose any informmation for other purposes without the owner's prior consent.
The Site may contain links to other web sites and resources. Independent third parties provide these sites and is not responsible and shall not be liable for the availability or content of these outside resources.