How To Promote Videos On Youtube

How To Promote Videos On Youtube

16-Apr-2019 06:51 AM
If you are here and reading this then you must already be having a Youtube Channel or must be interested to start one or you could just be interested in learning the tricks of how to promote videos on Youtube.

If you fall under any of the above mentioned criteria, read on to learn how to promote YouTube videos.

Remember that it doesn’t matter how much time you put into creating your videos or how many videos you post on your Youtube channel, if you are not making any efforts to promote your videos, your work will never be seen by the majority of your target audience. It’s like throwing a big party without letting anyone know about it.

In this article you will learn tips that are tested and work for almost all videos no matter what category your Youtube channel falls into. You can use these tips and tricks to create and promote your Youtube videos to a larger audience or increase the viewership of your video content.

So before we begin to learn how to promote videos on Youtube, remember that Youtube promotion is an art and you need to have patience to master it.

Now let’s begin and have a look at the itsy-bitsy things that needs to be kept in mind to promote videos on Youtube.

Video Title

The title a video is a major factor that will have a direct affect on the search ability, viewership and share ability of your videos.

Here are some tips while thinking of a video title
  • Make it short and catchy
  • Include “Keywords” and “Power Words”
  • Use Capital letters
  • Try using a keyword that is in trend,  current year wherever possible

Example:  Best Tips To Promote Your Videos On Youtube in 2019

Now let’s break this up and understand the above video title

Best is a Power Word.
Tips, Videos and Youtube are Keywords.
2019 is the Year of reference


Using the right size and right quality images as your thumbnail will help you in standing out in the suggested and related video sections. It will also make it fit to be viewed on a desktop, mobile or tablet giving it a responsive and mobile friendly appearance. is a free platform that you can use to design thumbnail images for your videos.

Intro & Outro Sections

– This is that part of the video clip which plays at the start of the video where in you can introduce yourself or your brand

– This is the concluding section of a video content wherein n you can ask user interactions such as to like, comment, subscribe or share your videos.

Video Tags

Tags are the most important that needs to be taken care of while creating a video. Always use proper and related keywords for your videos as using unrelated keywords will affect the organic search of your videos on Youtube. Try to use as many keywords, synonyms, phrases as possible.

Some tips of Tagging

  • Use main keywords
  • Include synonyms, variations and phrases of your main keywords
  • Do not repeat keywords
  • Try to use the tags used by High Ranking Videos or Similar videos posted by other users
  • Always include your brand tag in all of your videos as this will help in showing videos in the related videos section

Share Videos

Sharing videos on other social media platforms will help you in promoting your videos outside of the Youtube world and can drive and direct traffic to your Youtube Channel. You can promote your videos on Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest as well as through various messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Hike, Telegram, etc. You can also create a dedicated blog for your Youtube Channel and write weekly or monthly blogs about your video content.

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