Digital Marketing,Bulk SMS, Whatsapp Marketing, Social Media Marketing is a leading provider of Digital Marketing Services like Bulk SMS, Whatsapp Marketing and Social Media Marketing for Promoting Business, Brands and Events in Gujarat and all over India. We also provide an array of other Digital Marketing Services such as SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Forms and other digital marketing solutions for business marketing and lead generation.

Bulk SMS Service

We provide bulk sms services for promotional sms, transactional sms as well as OTP (High Priority) sms for various business functions. Promotional sms service can be used to send bulk messages regarding discounts, offers and marketing purpose. A transactional message can be used to send business alerts, notifications and reminders to clients. A High priority sms also most commonly know as OTP sms is used for phone number verification, OTP based login and password recovery.

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Whatsapp Marketing Service

With more than a billion users on whatsapp, businesses are using whatsapp to offer them various services like customer care, business notifications, payment alerts, etc. Whatsapp marketing can also be used to send whatsapp messages containing text, images or videos.

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Businesses are taking advantage of social media platforms like facebook, instagram and twitter which have a very large pool of audiences from around the world to reach out to them. By applying a social media strategy, it will help you significantly increase your brand recognition, reach to potential customers and generate leads.

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Still Using Bulk SMS? Try Our Smart Messaging Service.

Our Bulk SMS Gateway comes with Smart Messaging features to send Bulk SMS messages with links, images, attachments, OTPs & more. You can use our Smart SMS Solutions to promote your company, products and services as well as to send important information messages to your clients, employees, etc. You can also generate leads, get customer feedbacks and receive complaints through Web forms which can be sent along with the SMS.

Smart SMS Features

Don't just send a plain text message. Do more with our Smart Messaging Service.

Our Smart Messaging solutions allows you to send bulk messages with links, images, attachments, OTPs & more for office and business use.

 Web Forms

Smart Business Functions

Optimize your routine office and business functions in a smarter way.

As Our Smart Messaging Service comes with advanced features, it supports and enables you to perform various tasks such as Mobile Marketing, Lead Generation, Getting Feedbacks, Receiving Complaints. You can also make use of it for increasing brand awareness, product promotion, or sharing information about your websites, mobile apps or social networking profiles (Facebook page, Twitter handle, Youtube channel, etc.). Our bulk sms services can also be easily used and integrated with office and business related tasks to make them more effective and efficient.

  •  Send bulk messages to Customers & Employees
  •  Promote Products & Services
  •  Send Alerts & Reminders
  •  Generate Leads
  •  Get Customer Feedbacks & Complaints
  •  Share Images & Documents
  •  Send Birthday Wishes & Festive Greetings

More Features, Less Price.

Affordable, Fexible and Customised Plans for any business. Get the best deal!

Though we provide much more features with our Digital Marketing Services than other service providers, yet our plans and pricing are affordable and flexible for small offices as well as big businesses. Our plans can also be customised according to your office and business needs.

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